Double Eagle – Denver Landscape Maintenance and Design

The benefits of hiring a Landscape Company over Doing it Yourself and how it can actually save you money.

  • Do you have the dream vision of what you would like your yard to look like?
  • Do you maybe even go buy some plants that you like and set them in the ground getting advice from the local garden shop thinking you will have a magazine worthy outdoor living space?
  • Reality is a little different. Even if you are impressively handy or have a green thumb, before you start tearing up your yard have a meeting with a landscape designer to analyze your property to create a master plan.
  • Designing and installing landscape is much more complicated (and back-breaking) than planting a flower bed and requires a level of expertise with an artistic vision that few amateur gardeners possess.
  • Unless you are truly an expert in horticulture and design, your outcome may vastly differ from your expectations. In the end, hiring Double Eagle, Inc. could actually save you money!
  • Creating a master plan, the client may want to take on some aspects themselves such as planting and mulching to save money, but it’s wise to hire skilled labor to handle such things as lighting, irrigation, lawns, walls, firepits, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens and grading.
  • A Landscape Designer will help you avoid costly mistakes and spot issues like problematic sunlight patterns, drainage issues, before you start planting.
  • Landscape Designers can also protect your investment by avoiding plants that may not thrive in your particular sun facing conditions.
  • Most importantly, hiring Double Eagle, Inc. will also help save you money through our numerous connections in the industry to negotiate the best price on plants and design elements such as paving stones, a fountain or walls.
  • Ultimately, hiring Double Eagle, Inc. will provide you with a beautifully designed outdoor living environment that you will enjoy for years to come while saving you money, time and allot of aggravation.